TORUS | Evaluating Roundabout Sight lines & Visibility – Recorded


As TORUS’ parametric, dynamic editing allows users to quickly implement geometric changes, it’s the real-time analysis feedback from the fastest path, path overlap, sight lines, and vehicle movements that inform designers of the editing decisions that takes the roundabout design process to the next level.

This time we’ll focus purely on sight line analysis and visibility checks. Attend this live webinar and learn how TORUS can help you generate various types of sight line evaluations such as the approach to crosswalks, yield lines, circulatory lanes, angles of visibility, and more.

    • Analyzing visibility on your designed roundabout is an important facet when evaluating its safety, which could directly influence the final layout, signing or landscaping.
    • To promote driver safety, designers can add this new type of sight line that checks the angle of visibility a driver has when viewing oncoming traffic in the adjacent approach leg.
Webinar Info
Presented By
David Homola, Product Manager
Jul 18, 2019