TORUS Roundabouts | Encompassing the Basics Of Roundabout Design – Recorded


There are 3 basic design principles of roundabouts (regardless of intersection type or location)

There are many different design techniques and parameters when designing a roundabout. Though the workflow can be tedious, the good news for road designers is that modern roundabout design is defined by three basic design principles dependant on what’s needed at that intersection – namely, speed of traffic, desired vehicle accommodation, and the sight and safety analysis of the connecting roads.

Join our webinar to learn and see how you can intricately balance the geometric design principles and considerations between a host of technical requirements with TORUS.

Transoft’s Product Manager, Nelson Huang, will address these Top 3 Roundabout Design Challenges:

  • Balancing right-of-way restriction and vehicle accommodation requirements
  • Designing to meet speed requirements and evaluate the fastest path
  • Ensuring smooth vehicle movements and evaluating sight distance
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Nelson Huang, Civil Technologist
Aug 21, 2019