Ask us about moving up to AutoTURN Pro today

AutoTURN Pro contains all the AutoTURN tools that State DOTs rely on plus advanced capabilities such as:

  • Intellipath path automation for circulation analysis – can be used for projects such as traffic calming or emergency vehicle access
  • 3D capability for ground and vertical clearance analysis – can be used for checking potential conflicts such as railroad crossings or underpasses

Why should you use AutoTURN Pro?

Transportation needs are not limited by jurisdiction, and there are many issues that require states, local governments, and other stakeholders to work together. Regardless of how the relationship is structured, having a reliable solution that is common to all the parties, helps ensure the best outcome for the transportation planning process. AutoTURN Pro can help you to work seamlessly with your State DOT partners to:
  • Achieve consistent results
  • Easily collaborate, coordinate and communicate
  • Work with the same standards and specifications
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