Transoft Solutions Introduces AeroCENTRAL



Transoft Solutions announced a new addition to their aviation product portfolio that bridges the gap between airside planning and operations.

AeroCENTRAL, the company’s first SaaS solution for the aviation industry, allows users to share key airside infrastructural and operational information across teams and departments, through a single, centralized system. Scalable and easily accessible by various stakeholders, the platform hosts specialized applications for operational and technical planning tasks.

The two applications on the AeroCENTRAL platform that are available at launch are Stand Guide and Specifications. These applications allow airports, airlines, ground service providers and their partners to publish, distribute, and view aircraft parking stand configurations, equipment locations, turnaround procedures, and aircraft technical specifications – ultimately, supporting safer operations and more efficient decision making.

AeroCENTRAL allows users to incorporate existing data, such as details from Transoft’s AviPLAN software, with additional technical and operational data, into a single platform. The platform can also connect to external geographic information systems (GIS) and Airport Operational Databases (AODB).


Intuitive and user-friendly for those of all levels of experience and proficiency, airport planning, operational planning and ground service teams will be able to publish, access and use the same up-to-date airport infrastructure and operational information, or aircraft data. This removes the need for numerous online and offline data sources, and with the ability to access and use the platform on a range of devices, AeroCENTRAL brings further convenience for the users. AeroCENTRAL  ultimately saves time, reduces data duplication, and minimizes the risk of data loss or error, to support users in achieving safe and optimal operational tasks.

“We’re very excited about this product launch and expect AeroCENTRAL to be a game changer for airside operations and planning in the aviation industry”, said Mark Rodrigues, Vice President of Aviation at Transoft Solutions. “This platform will streamline how airside operations teams work together with a significant improvement in collaboration, on top of minimizing uncertainty to support safer and more optimal airside operations.”

“Additionally, we anticipate that users of Transoft’s AviPLAN software will welcome AeroCENTRAL Stand Guide to their technology stack as it is the only application on the market capable and authorized to migrate AviPLAN design sessions from CAD into a geographic mapping system.”