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Proactive Traffic Safety

Elevate your traffic safety efforts with TrafxSAFE™, the world’s foremost on-demand video analytics platform for proactive traffic safety management. Through granular surrogate safety metrics that are readily available on a dynamic web platform, transportation engineers and planners can swiftly prioritize high-risk locations, identify key crash factors, and assess the efficacy of countermeasures – all without waiting for crash data. TrafxSAFE is used worldwide, providing unparalleled insight and enabling effective action to enhance road safety outcomes.

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Advanced AI technology that detects dangerous interactions between all road user types to help predict, diagnose, and address today’s road safety challenges.

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Platform Compatibility

  • TrafxSAFE is a web-based application that does not need any additional system requirements.
  • TrafxSAFE works from your web browser, no CAD platform or installation needed.
  • TrafxSAFE accepts Chrome, Explorer, and Firefox web browsers.

Highspeed internet connection

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What Makes TrafxSAFE Unique

Discover the Benefits of TrafxSAFE

TrafxSAFE is a comprehensive analytics and communication tool that puts engineers in the driver’s seat, empowering them to gain a deeper understanding of traffic patterns and road user behaviours associated with crash risk, which allows for faster identification and implementation of countermeasures.


Enhance crash data with safety analytics to quantify conflicts, analyze potential collisions and identify the causes, allowing for countermeasure implementation and mitigation before the collisions happen.


Automating the processing of detecting traffic and safety analytics ensures reliability, consistency, and efficiency.


Our system takes in video from virtually any camera or video source (including drones and 360° cameras), resulting in an easier and more flexible deployment.


TrafxSAFE can be applied to evaluate a single intersection, a corridor, a full city or even larger system.

Data Driven

Collect your data in video and process using AI – all analytics and outputs are based on your real data, capturing details on traffic flow, safety-related events, non-compliant behaviors, and other trends to ensure a data-driven approach to actionable insights.


Every road user passing through your video view is detected, identified, classified, and analyzed across 14 classifications, including bikes, pedestrians, and scooters – ensuring the most vulnerable road users are incorporated into safety decision-making.


TrafxSAFE is the best tool for the implementation of an efficient and proactive Road Safety Management Process, making it easy for practitioners to identify and evaluate safety concerns. Gain a deeper understanding of traffic patterns and road user behaviors associated with crash risk, for faster identification, implementation, and evaluation of countermeasures.

Take a look at what TrafxSAFE is used for

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Reveal Previously Unseen Safety Concerns

Evaluate a single intersection or localized site to better identify existing safety risks beyond crash history, such as:

  • Conflicts
  • High Speeds
  • Violations
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Prioritize Safety Investments

Utilize conflict analysis to identify high-risk locations and prioritize investments for various safety programs, including:

  • Vision Zero
  • Road Safety Audits
  • Safe Routes to School
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Validate Safety Improvements Quickly

Conduct before-and-after conflict analysis to justify investments without waiting years for available crash data:

  • Quantify impact of improvements
  • Validate countermeasures
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Enhance Planning and Design Processes

Use conflict analysis to unlock actionable insights and incorporate safety into the decision-making process for all of your projects:

  • Roadway design
  • Corridor studies
  • System plans
  • and more

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