Transoft Goes Green: Carbon Offset Initiative


Transoft is doing our part to minimize our negative impact on the environment with a carbon offset initiative.

Even with air travel within the company drastically reduced over the past few years, 20 metric tonnes of CO2 were produced from flights taken for Transoft business purposes in the first half of 2022.

We are pleased to have selected Evertreen as our partner to offset these emissions. Evertreen allows organizations to plant real trees by people who – and in places that – need them most, alleviating poverty by providing an income to people in countries like India, Indonesia, Madagascar, and Brazil.

India and Madagascar have been chosen as our locations of choice, where Transoft has financed the planting of 119 trees so far. On top of the carbon offsets, this has provided 15 working hours of income to people in those countries, plus a future supplemental income when the trees bear fruit. Transoft employees have also been encouraged to offset their personal flights and add trees to the Transoft forest.

See Transoft’s virtual forest here.

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