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Transoft Solutions offers innovative, state-of-the-art software and services for the airport and airspace industries. Whether a project involves improving departure check-in processes, optimizing aircraft parking stands or operations, designing new ground markings, analyzing runway capacity, preparing obstacle limitation reports, refining terminal airspace procedures, modeling en route traffic or evaluating air traffic complexity in real time, Transoft Solutions has a solution to successfully complete the task with confidence.

Airside design and operations
Tackle your airside design and operations challenges with market-leading tools.
  • AviPLAN Airside Pro
    Advanced aircraft maneuver and parking stand simulation and visualization.
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  • AviPLAN Airside
    Aircraft maneuver and parking stand simulation essentials.
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  • AviPLAN Turn Pro
    Advanced aircraft maneuver simulation and visualization.
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  • AviPLAN Turn
    Aircraft maneuver simulation essentials.
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  • SkySAFE
    The optimum tool for obstacle clearance compliance.
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  • AeroSTRIPE
    Enhance and speed up airside marking projects while assuring standard marking compliance.
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  • Aircraft Data Viewer
    Electronic database with quick and easy access to specifications.
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Airport & Airspace Fast-Time Simulation
Use the power of Fast-Time Simulation to empower your staff to make informed decisions.
  • AirTOP Terminal
    Simulate, test, validate and optimize passenger terminal operations
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  • AirTOP Airside Aircraft
    Simulate, test, validate and optimize airport airside aircraft operations
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  • AirTOP Airside Vehicle
    Simulate, test, validate and optimize airport airside vehicle movements
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  • AirTOP Runway Capacity Analyzer
    Assess runway capacity and optimize flight sequences
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    Assess traffic complexity and optimize TMA/TRACON airspace structure
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  • AirTOP En Route
    Assess traffic complexity and optimize en route airspace structure
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  • AirTOP Flow Management
    Assess and optimize flow management measures
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Airport & Airspace Real-Time Forecasting & What-If
Help reach correct decisions with what-if analysis and proposed measures.
  • WIZer ACC
    Live area control center traffic complexity forecasting and what-if analysis
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What Our Clients are Saying

Skyguide have been using AirTOP since 2006 for ATC controller and air traffic modelling in order to perform controller workload calculation, airspace capacity studies and traffic complexity assessment. Thanks to AirTOP functionalities and to dedicated and efficient training and supporting services, we have been able to develop and calibrate our traffic complexity and controller workload model to our full satisfaction.
Laurent Favey, Airspace senior expert
Aviplan Airside Pro has been an indispensable tool permanently used by us in Quiport to validate our aircraft and equipment operation during the past several years. This tool has been an essential part of our planning, execution and commissioning stages of new airside infrastructure projects at Quito International Airport. The permanent updating of its technical information by equipment and its database has also allowed us to maintain our current procedures in the face of changes in fleet and equipment that have been occurring in the industry.
Quito International Airport
As daily users of AviPLAN Airside Pro, the software allows us to study all aircraft movements at the Toulouse airfield as well as connections to the terminal. Easy and intuitive to use, we can analyze most of Toulouse's aircraft parking stands including, most recently, those for the new extension. As AviPLAN is preconfigured to EASA specifications (or ICAO / FAA), we do not need to worry about settings related to regulations when we draw. The 3D functionality in the software, also easy to use, provides realistic renderings.
Bruno ARQUET, CAD Manager
The acquisition of the simulation software AviPLAN Airside Pro has been very useful in the reconfiguration project of the existing apron, using the AviPLAN aircraft libraries, Ground Support Equipment (GSE); for use at the Jorge Chávez International Airport (Lima, Peru). It should be noted that the airport has a very dynamic and changing rhythm of operation, both in the terminal and on the apron. For this reason, this simulation software, together with the application of Peruvian regulations, has allowed us to work effectively simulating the routes on the taxiways with their turning radii. In addition, we have been using it to validate the designs of the new terminal and apron that are currently being built. This allows us to simulate the PBBs to visualize which would be the safety zone to work in a MARS position and to identify operational risks, through the simulation of the aircraft routes and the jetblast impact. Finally, we recommend the post-sale service and care carried out by Blanca, attending and solving immediately any need on our part.
Melvin Vásquez, Operations Planning Chief
One project in which the Aviplan product really helped us was the study for the positioning of the new Embraer 195-E2 aircraft at Congonhas airport. This airport is complex and requires special attention due to the various operational restrictions, however, through Aviplan we can develop a more improved study aiming at safety and performance in the use of the maneuver area. My favorite function of Aviplan is the Design Stand, due to the ease of studying a mix of aircraft and boarding bridges. I like the Aviplan product because it improves productivity and accuracy in my projects.
The combination of AirTOP modelling software and our operational knowledge has been key in our assessments to support planning and decision making for airport infrastructure developments and airspace planning
Arie van der Eijk, Managing Director
AviPLAN has been integral to Fjori developing and safely planning a variety of projects on commercial and military aerodromes, in the UK and globally. The software gives confidence throughout the design process to us, our clients and regulators.
Adam Waddell (Principcal Airport Planner, Fjori)
Time To Fly, as a consulting firm working with airports, appreciates the features of Aviplan Turn Pro, especially for the aircraft reception studies that we carry out. The software allows quick and precise consideration of the constraints pertaining to each type of aircraft. The simulations are integrated into our deliverables and contribute to their quality, appreciated by our customers.
Léo Pontello - Airport Consultant
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