The Next Generation of Proactive Safety Analysis

The Next Generation of Proactive Traffic Safety Analysis

TrafxSAFE™ Next is the next generation of proactive safety analysis, combining the trusted methodology and crash estimation power of the Highway Safety Manual’s safety performance functions with the grounded detail and prescience of near-miss data.

Eliminating guesswork in interpreting near-miss data, TrafxSAFE Next offers direct access to crash estimations that surpass the accuracy and granularity of both calibrated and uncalibrated conventional safety performance functions. Addressing the global surge in traffic volume and road incidents, TrafxSAFE Next empowers traffic engineers to proactively identify potential crashes, considering all site conditions, before they occur. This opens up new possibilities for heightened levels of safety analysis.

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The next generation of proactive traffic safety analysis

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Platform Compatibility

  • TrafxSAFE Next works from your web browser, no CAD platform or installation needed.
  • TrafxSAFE Next accepts Chrome, Explorer, and Firefox web browsers.

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What Makes TrafxSAFE Next Unique

Discover the Benefits of TrafxSAFE Next

With its state-of-the-art features, TrafxSAFE Next is poised to revolutionize safety analysis, shaping the practices of an entire generation of safety practitioners.

Traffic Behaviour Data Turned into Crash Estimations

TrafxSAFE Next employs all the benefits of proactive safety analysis along with the ease of using crash data estimation.

Expand on the Road Safety Management Process

In addition to existing applications in Network Screening, Diagnosis, and Effectiveness Evaluation, TrafxSAFE Next can apply proactive safety data in Economic Appraisal for the first time.

High Injury Safety Data

TrafxSAFE Next supports the estimation of high-injury and/or pedestrian crash data to help bolster more targeted safety programs (e.g. Vision Zero).


TrafxSAFE Next’s ground-breaking technology combines the familiarity and power of Safety Performance Functions with an unprecedented level of diagnostic detail and timely safety data from measured human factors.

Take a look at what TrafxSAFE Next can do

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Expanding HSM methodology

Built upon the Highway Safety Manual’s Safety Performance Function foundation, with an increased level of detail and a proven increase in crash estimation accuracy.

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Bring Your Own Crash Data

Have the crash estimation be calibrated to your city by importing your own crash data. Calibration is performed with the HSM adjustment methodology.

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Crash Dataless Option

No crash data? No problem.  Crash estimation will be modelled using a general-purpose model. Surrogate safety data accounts for local factors and crash mechanisms out of the box.

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Safety Performance Functions at a Microscopic Scale

For the first time, crash estimation can be performed for specific movements, scenarios, and road user types, providing a microscopic view/diagnosis of a site.

Evaluate Innovative Treatments

Obtain fast crash estimations for innovative safety countermeasures, observing road users’ real behavior in response to newly implemented countermeasures.

Economic appraisal from proactive safety data

Enhance your cost-benefit analysis by incorporating crash estimation data that reflects recent road user behaviors or unusual site conditions and innovative countermeasures.

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Traffic Flow Metrics

Traffic movement counts
Road user classification (14 road user types)
Speed per road user (min/max/median)
Speed heatmaps
Annual average daily traffic (AADT)
Customized counting zones

Traffic Violations

Speeding violations (aggregated)
Speeding instances
Mid-block crossing

Safety Metrics

Conflict (near-miss) analysis (incl. Failure to Yield)
Identification of high-risk movements & interactions
Severity-level rating systems
Crash Modification Factor (CMF) integration
Network safety ranking
Conflict heatmap
Rear-end interactions
Side-swipe interactions
Acceleration per road user (min/max/median)
Crash estimation
Safety Performance Functions

Reporting & Presentation

Online dashboard
Results data export
Cross-sectional comparative studies
Before/After countermeasure studies
Individual conflict & violation videos and download

Camera Network

Drone support
Multi-camera support (large area analysis)
24/7 monitoring
Real-time updates
ITS integrated API



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