6 Reasons to Update Your Swept Path Analysis Tool


A swept path analysis tool like AutoTURN solves several challenges common to (re) designing spaces such as space limitation in urban cities where the same road of standard analysis needs to have more inclusive uses without destroying existing infrastructure.

While creating vehicle simulations in 2D is standard practice, this analysis won’t identify any potential hang-up issues due to the vehicle-terrain interaction. That is why we created the AutoTURN Pro as an intuitive solution to assess vehicle turning space requirements and help with street design projects in the same AutoTURN software you already use.

If you are looking to experience more simulated automation and streamline the checking process of multiple vehicles, then moving to AutoTURN Pro might be a great way to go beyond the traditional swept path analysis capabilities.

Analyze Vehicle Turn Simulations in a Fraction of the Time

Checking that your design works for several types of vehicle turns in multiple maneuvers in an efficient manner is the next level. AutoTURN Pro has the IntelliPath tool to help solve the simulation based on the space available in a few clicks instead of driving the vehicle around manually to generate your swept path analysis. By using IntelliPath, you minimize the repetitive process of manually checking the swept path i.e driving the vehicle while looking at envelopes at the same time. Your 2D simulation can be read and converted to 3D if you need to highlight and analyze conflicts with terrain.


You are ahead of the curve, using automation to reduce the guesswork when simulating vehicle maneuvers, and getting the support to generate automated paths, routes, and operational accessibility movements that avoids specific constraints (like buildings, curbs), thereby making your workflow faster. You can use it to define the analysis area and define the shapes.

Easily define the boundaries of the design, create, and evaluate multiple simulations provided and evaluate them in a fraction of time just by clicking start and end point.

Intellipath also informs you if the speed is too fast or too slow for a particular design. You can edit a route by using different vehicle types to check the same route. It is also easy to change the visual display to see if it highlights any conflicts on that same route.

Set and Maintain Simulations to Meet your Project’s Design Speed and Simulation Parameters


Safety plays a huge factor in your analysis to maintain the quality of key aspects of your simulations and we have made it easier for you with the Inspect Simulation tool in AutoTURN Pro. You can use it to check speed, clearance path, and proximity to vehicles and objects as it allows you to ensure your set simulation parameters stays the same (if you choose) throughout duration of the project.


Get Conflict Analysis Detection


In 2D, clearance analysis shows the geometry elements with vertical analysis- lines, arcs, complex chains and blocks. With AutoTURN Pro’s Conflict Analysis tool, you get a conflict warning showing the overhead clearances with combined ground clearances to show the underside if it is hitting the terrain. The best part is that conflicts with terrain are highlighted by 3D simulations.

For example, when analyzing a simulation that shows the terrain, the envelope will show if it is touching the curb or going over the curb and give you a conflict warning and you can easily detect issues unforeseeable in 2D – such as showing if the underside of the vehicle is hitting the terrain.

Create off-Street Designs in Road Simulations

As pedestrians and other transport users increase, the need for safe and inclusive designs is also on the rise.

Use AutoTURN Pro to develop street redesign projects with the Bicycle Simulation tool. The bicycle simulation tool can also simulate control of speed, steering and lean angle of the bicycle to analyze the space requirements to perform a turn.

There has been a surge in bicycle sales and other alternative means of transportation due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The United States alone recorded bicycle sale increases of 75% in 2020 compared to the previous year.

Several city councils across Canada are quickly creating and extending more lanes to bicycle users due to the surge.

Hence, well-thought-out ways from government to design multi-modal cities will also increase with the demand for improving existing infrastructure as well as new developments.


Within the AutoTURN Pro plan, a bicycle simulation is a much easier learning curve in the same software to easily create off-street designs that allow urban cities have cargo bicycles doing deliveries in that area in addition to other pedestrian interaction with over 12 types of turning requirements for cycle maneuvers.


Get Stopping Sight Distance

AutoTURN Pro allows you to continue with the traditional swept path analysis that you already do in 2D. However, Stopping Site Distance allows you to quickly identify potential issues with terrain on your street projects to save time. It will stop at the last valid position and would give you notifications of exceeded limits showing the angle exceeded. You can assess whether a vehicle has sufficient space to identify a hazzard (on the road) or in sight and if the vehicle can safely come to a stop before hitting the object (hazard).

Advanced Reporting

AutoTURN Pro has better reporting capabilities to generate multiple cross sections automatically  to analyze the severity of the 3D conflicts and steering angles of the current vehicle used in simulation.

AutoTURN Pro produces;

Clearance reports

Punch through reports

These reports allow visualization and recording of playback for simulations during presentations. They could also be exported in notepad format and can be extracted for your larger reporting process on the project.

Increased Vehicle Library

Your existing database of vehicles increases with the addition of Manufacturer-Based Vehicle Libraries (MVL).

AutoTURN Pro is loaded with a robust global vehicle library of over 2,400 vehicles combined.


With Manufacturer-Based Vehicle Libraries, you get access to over 800 vehicles and can easily apply filters to define your results. This helps you quickly find the vehicle you are looking for or set a custom vehicle group (to define a subset of vehicle used to work in a specific project) to match your country or local area design guideline.

At the end of the day, upgrading your swept path analysis to AutoTURN allows you to do more in less time with your simulation analysis. The AutoTURN algorithm remains consistent and would give you a greater level to vehicle simulation.

To learn more about upgrading to AutoTURN Pro, fill the interest form here If you are an existing AutoTURN user, you can upgrade to AutoTURN Pro here or email [email protected]


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