Revolutionizing Urban Design: AutoTURN Pro’s Impact on Road Safety and Urban Planning


In the dynamic world of civil engineering, construction, and urban planning, the integration of active transport infrastructure has become paramount, reshaping our cities into more sustainable and safer environments. Recently, Willem Bouwer, a civil engineer with over 27 years of experience, hosted a webinar showcasing the transformative capabilities of AutoTURN Pro by Transoft Solutions.

Let’s delve into the key highlights of this discussion, focusing on how AutoTURN Pro is revolutionising road safety and urban planning for professionals in these industries.


Empowering Road Safety with Active Transport Infrastructure:

Active transport modes such as walking, cycling, and micro-mobility play a pivotal role in enhancing road safety and reducing traffic-related accidents. Willem’s webinar emphasised the importance of prioritising active transport infrastructure to create safer streets and promote healthier lifestyles. By leveraging AutoTURN Pro’s advanced features, civil engineers and urban planners can meticulously analyse and optimise road designs to accommodate active transport modes effectively, thereby mitigating potential hazards and improving overall road safety.


Optimising Design Efficiency with AutoTURN Pro:

AutoTURN Pro stands out as a powerful tool for optimising design efficiency and enhancing road safety within urban environments. Its comprehensive library of vehicles, including bicycles and micro-mobility modes, empowers professionals to analyse and simulate various transportation scenarios with precision. By incorporating AutoTURN Pro into their workflows, civil engineers and urban planners can streamline the design process, identify potential conflicts, and implement effective solutions to improve road safety for all road users.


Analysing Bicycle Schemes and Micro-Mobility Infrastructure:

A key focus of the webinar was the analysis of bicycle schemes and micro-mobility infrastructure using AutoTURN Pro. Attendees gained valuable insights into assessing factors such as turning radii, distances to crossings, and curb clearances to ensure safe and efficient movements for cyclists and micro-mobility users. With AutoTURN Pro’s advanced capabilities, professionals can identify potential conflicts between different modes of transport and implement measures to enhance the safety and accessibility of urban streets.


Conflict Mitigation for Safer Streets:

As cities strive to accommodate diverse transportation modes, conflicts between vehicles, pedestrians, and cyclists become inevitable. AutoTURN Pro’s swept path analysis capabilities enable engineers and planners to identify and mitigate these conflicts effectively, thereby creating safer and more harmonious urban environments. Willem’s expertise in traffic engineering and transportation planning underscored the importance of proactive conflict mitigation strategies in promoting road safety and fostering sustainable urban development.


Watch the full webinar and delve deeper into the insights provided by Willem Bouwer.

In conclusion, Willem’s webinar provided invaluable guidance for attendees seeking to unlock the full potential of urban design for active transport. By harnessing the power of AutoTURN Pro and Transoft Solutions, users can create transportation projects that create safer, more sustainable urban landscapes for all.

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