Transoft Launches TrafxSAFE Rail

Rail crossing with a moving train and waiting car

Transoft Solutions has recently released the newest addition to its TrafxSAFE product portfolio: TrafxSAFE Rail. This latest online platform uses advanced artificial intelligence and computer vision to assist rail operators, transportation, and traffic engineers by detecting, logging, categorizing, and evaluating high-risk, non-compliant behavior at level railway crossings. TrafxSAFE Rail allows users to take a proactive approach to safety and pinpoint risks and issues before incidents between train and road users can occur.

According to the US DOT Federal Railroad Administration, between 2018 – 2021, over 7,500 railway incidents resulted in 136 deaths. Unfortunately, the lack of relatable crash data at crossings makes it challenging for stakeholders to make the best decisions to implement corrections. The need for proactive and preventative solutions such as TrafxSAFE Rail is clear in order to reduce conflicts at rail crossings.

Transoft Solutions has pioneered the use of camera technology to detect safety issues proactively in traffic and has now brought this technology to railway crossings with the launch of TrafxSAFE Rail. As the only proactive video-based safety analytics product developed specifically for railway level crossings, TrafxSAFE Rail automatically classifies, detects and tracks the movement of all road users along their continuous path through the field of view of any camera. This continuous tracking allows for the detection of collision courses, conflicts, traffic violations, and other indicators of road danger.

Benefits of TrafxSAFE Rail include:

  • Identifying potential issues before they become more serious
  • Using video-based technology to sense all road user types and behaviors and track movement anywhere within a camera’s view
  • Observing safety-related trends over time and obtaining quantitative analytics for data-driven decision making at rail crossings
  • Reviewing analytics, preparing charts/graphs, and viewing video clips of the rail safety events through a custom dashboard
  • Monitoring for live/real-time intervention in the event of disturbance at a site

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