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“TrafxSAFE has helped us achieve our goals by analysing video data and providing valuable information.”

Client Profile

VSO Consulting provides its customers with comprehensive engineering and management consulting with the goals of ensuring them the most efficient solutions for each task that produce tangible results for them and an edge in their field.

VSO Consulting’s offices in Iceland and in Norway currently employ a tight-knit group of around 100 people, educated in the fields of engineering, environmental affairs, economics, landscape design and more.

Client Need

To measure the road safety benefits of an intersection reconstruction and new signal phasing, implementing an AllGreen pedestrian phase in Reykjavík, Iceland.

“The primary goal of this project was to make a statistical assessment of the All-Green walking phase‘s impact on road safety. The intention was to show the municipality whether the chosen design is effective with the aim to use this as a reference for other locations in Iceland too.” – Davíð Guðbergsson, Consultant, VSO Consulting

Solution – TrafxSAFE for VSO Consulting

At the intersection of Suðurströnd/Nesvegur in Iceland, the traffic lights were replaced in the fall of 2021 to an All-Green phase, aiming to increase traffic safety for pedestrians, specifically taking into account children walking and cycling to a nearby school. This provided an opportunity to collect video data on the conditions, road safety and human behaviour before and after the change. TrafxSAFE helped VSO Consulting achieve their goals by analysing video data and providing information about traffic volumes, road user distribution and collecting statistical data for safety related events, such as speeding and conflicts. The tool made it possible to compare the two datasets collected during the “Before” and “After” periods, not only visualising but also quantifying the benefits of the All-Green phase and junction reconstruction introducing a tighter geometry. What the team especially valued was the advanced filtering options, which enabled them to gain insights into specific traffic streams.


Advanced AI technology that detects dangerous interactions between all road user types to help predict, diagnose, and address today’s road safety challenges.


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