Goldwind International and Transoft Solutions Announce Strategic Partnership


Transoft Shanghai (Shanghai Transoft Solutions Co., Ltd.) and Goldwind International New Energy (Beijing Goldwind New Energy Trading Co., Ltd.) announced a strategic partnership consisting of collaborative projects involving in-depth research and analysis to assist Goldwind International in providing safer and more efficient transportation solutions for wind power equipment.

In this agreement, the two parties will focus on the transportation planning of wind turbine blades for conventional vehicles using the swept path simulation of the vehicle and load to optimize the decision-making process of wind turbine transportation solutions. Transoft Shanghai will use their vehicle swept path simulation tool, AutoTURN, and map data to assist Goldwind International in modeling the transportation route of wind power equipment, in order to meet the challenges of safe and efficient transportation of equipment in the wind power industry.

Transoft Shanghai and Goldwind International will share their project experience and outcomes upon completion. Both parties look forward to optimizing the route planning process for special cargo transportation and promoting their findings to the China market as an industry gold standard.

About Goldwind International

Goldwind International is a subsidiary of Goldwind Technology, a global leader in the field of clean energy, energy conservation and environmental protection. We are committed to promoting energy transformation to attain access to affordable, reliable and sustainable energy for all, and to drive a renewable future. Specializing in wind power, internet of energy and environmental protection, we leverage strong scientific research innovation and best business practices to take renewable energy utilization to new heights.

Listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange and the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, Goldwind has received accolades as one of the “Climate Leaders”, “The Most Respected Company in Asia”, “Best Investor Relations Company”, and has been awarded “World’s Most Respected Company” many times over. Goldwind has also been named on numerous influential lists such as “Top 50 Innovative Companies”, “Top 200 Most Environmentally Friendly Companies in the World”, “Top 500 Global New Energy Companies”, “New Fortune Best Listed Company”, and “Fortune China Top 500” – to name a few.

About Transoft Solutions

Since 1991, Transoft Solutions has developed advanced and highly specialized software solutions for aviation, civil infrastructure, transportation and operational professionals.

Our portfolio of planning, simulation, modeling, design, and road safety analysis solutions is used every day by thousands of organizations in over 150 countries worldwide. Clients include government agencies at the federal, state, county and municipal levels, as well as major international airports and top engineering and architectural design firms.

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