Rule-based airport and airspace fast-time simulation

AirTOP is a gate-to-gate fast-time air traffic and airport complexity modeling, simulation and assessment software. AirTOP users include major air navigation service providers (ANSPs), airport authorities, airlines, research labs and consulting companies globally. The software is used to assess air traffic and airport complexity, measure controller workload, improve airspace and airport capacity and much more. AirTOP models have been used to improve the operations of more than 100 major airports worldwide.
AirTOP Terminal
AirTOP Terminal thumbnail
Assess and improve airport terminal performance and capacity by modeling the flow of passengers, visitors, and baggage. Includes rule-based modeling of all terminal processes such as check-in, passport control, security control, baggage claim and retail areas, as well as dynamic calculation of the resources needed at any given time.
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AirTOP Airside Aircraft
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Assess and improve airport airside operations and capacity by modeling aircraft operations such as gate allocation, runway entry or exit selection, runway sequencing, turnaround management, de-icing procedures, departure management, and more.
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AirTOP Airside Vehicle
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Assess and improve airport airside ground operations by modeling the movements of ground service vehicles, including rule-based allocation per flight and factoring in the vehicles’ parking location, speed, service duration, and more.
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AirTOP Runway Capacity Analyzer
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Assess and improve existing and future runway system performance (capacity, throughput, delay, Service Level Agreements), considering current demand and schedules or adhoc demand levels, and evaluate with a Monte Carlo simulation approach.
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AirTOP TMA/TRACON thumbnail
Assess and improve the capacity of airport terminal airspaces by modeling TMA/TRACON air traffic control procedures and workload, aircraft movements, runway system sequencing, vectoring, speed, holding, and more.
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AirTOP En route
AirTOP En route thumbnail
Assess en route airspace complexity and capacity by modeling traffic and air traffic control procedures. Includes rule-based modeling of controller workload, conflict detection/resolution, letters of agreement, tactical re-routing, and more.
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AirTOP Flow Management
AirTOP Flow Management thumbnail
Assess and improve network and flow management procedures by modeling 4D Trajectory Based Operations (4D TBOs) and Demand Capacity Balancing (DCB) measures including AMAN, time or distance-based point-in-space metering, re-routing, and more.
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  • Multi-agent-based modeling
    AirTOP is a multi-agent application, accurately capturing all controller tasks and behavior as well as all concepts or objects with which they can interact or manipulate.
  • Single graphical user interface
    Simulation scenario editing and debugging are arguably two of the most time-consuming tasks when performing studies using fast-time simulation tools.
  • Integrated 2d map and 3d views
    AirTOP features an easy-to-use integrated map-based application. This application contains full GIS capabilities, allowing flexible background display of scanned maps, aeronautical charts or vector data, weather data, satellite images and elevation data.
  • Data logging and visualization
    AirTOP data is highly customizable and can visualized and extracted using hundreds of built-in reports or exported as spreadsheets or SQL databases for external processing and analysis.
  • Project management support
    AirTOP’s project management tool allows users to define scenario variants while avoiding data duplication.
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