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Dynamic Software for Sign Post and Foundation Design

KeyPOST is a standalone sign structure software program that provides for the design of sign installations. It can also be used in combination with our leading KeySIGN sign face design software. Whilst many will use the AutoPost feature that suggests the most economical structure, it can also be used to test their stability against the effects of wind loading by providing for existing structures to be modelled and tested, for example for additional or replacement signs.

KeyPOST is fully accredited by BSI, as a European Notified Body, to EN 12899-1:2007. It also enables you to design structures compliant with EN 12767:2019, all relevant Eurocodes, including EN 1991-1-4:2005 for wind loads, and, in the UK, relevant DMRB Standards.

KeyPOST provides full support for BIM and 3D when used with our design products such as KeySIGN and KeyLINES. It includes the ability to incorporate the sign face design with your proposals to create a 3D sign structure in KeyLINES, for example. In addition, you can author the data associated with the 3D sign structure to share with other BIM applications, such as Navisworks.


KeyPOST – for Traffic Management and Road Safety Engineers and Sign Manufacturers


Sign Structure Software
BSI accredited Structural Design Software for the design of sign installations


Produce and test safe sign structures to British and European Standards
KeyPOST Overview
KeyPOST One Minute Overview Video
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KeyPOST features

Traffic Light System for Validity of Design
Designs are automatically checked, and passes (and fails) for each criteria is shown using a simple traffic light system (shown lower left in this image).
Complex Sign Arrangements
Multiple signs can be added to the posts and the weight of each and offset from the supports can also be specified, allowing the inclusion of Variable Message Signs.

What Our Clients are Saying

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Platform Compatibility

Platform Requirements
CAD Platform Compatibility:
CAD independent and connects to KeySIGN. See KeySIGN for AutoCAD requirements.
System Requirements
Full support 64-bit operating systems
Workstation: Windows® 10 or 11 (version 1809 or higher)
Network: Windows® Server 2016 and 2019
Languages Available