KeyOSC Highlights

OS Data Hub – allows you to connect your AutoCAD directly to the online OS Data Hub and give you access to the most up-to-date and useful mapping datasets.

  • Connect directly to OS Data Hub from AutoCAD and access the latest online mapping
  • Seamless and fast access to OS MasterMap datasets stored On-Premise within AutoCAD
  • Work with 3D digital terrain models to drape OS MasterMap across the surface, with and 3D buildings created from OS building height data
  • Different levels of map detail can be loaded on-screen, or into any shaped area, such as a buffer along a length of road
  • Includes a gazetteer, based on the Open Names dataset, to quickly zoom to any specific street or area
  • Simple to use yet sophisticated plot management tools for the creation, scaling and orientation of multiple views of your scheme designs
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