TrafxSAFE Next Launches at TRB 2024


Transoft Solutions, developers of productivity-enhancing software and services for aviation, civil infrastructure, transportation and traffic safety industries, just announced a new addition to their TrafxSAFE portfolio of on-demand video analytics for traffic safety.

Launched at the 2024 TRB Annual Meeting with a live unveil on Monday, January 8th, TrafxSAFE Next is a never-seen-before technology that will revolutionize the way traffic safety analysis is conducted.

TrafxSAFE Next is the next generation of proactive safety analysis that combines the trusted methodology and crash estimation power of the Highway Safety Manual’s safety performance functions with the grounded detail and prescience of near-miss data. Taking the guesswork out of reading near-miss data, the solution provides direct access to crash estimations that are more accurate and detailed than conventional safety performance functions, both calibrated and uncalibrated.

With the increase in traffic volume worldwide and growing number of road traffic incidents leading to death or debilitating injury occurring year after year, this new innovation in proactive safety analysis is expected to further improve the way traffic engineers conduct safety analysis. “We’re very excited about this new addition to the TrafxSAFE family”, said Karen Giese, Vice President of Business Development and Head of Traffic Safety at Transoft Solutions. “We expect this new innovation to allow cities and traffic engineers to take the next step closer to achieving Vision Zero in preventing traffic deaths and injuries”.

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