Evaluating the benefits of COLAS Flowell

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“TrafxSAFE has helped us to understand the human behaviors in order to evaluate the benefits of Flowell. We were able to compare when our interactive road marking system is operating and not; and measure the system’s benefits contributing to smoother traffic flow and improved road safety.”

Raphaël Jolivet, Marketing & Design Manager, COLAS Flowell

Client Profile

Flowell is an active, scalable and modular light-emitting signaling system made by COLAS that aims to optimize urban space, traffic flows, safety and the coexistence of multiple forms of mobility. Flowell makes it possible to organize the shared space of roads and city streets thanks to a device based on dynamic control of light-emitting signaling. Flowell streamlines traffic on existing roadways by giving priority to certain users over specific time periods.

Client Need

COLAS – manufacturers of Flowell, the active road marking system, – were looking for a solution to objectively measure the benefits of their technology. They chose to use video data processed by TrafxSAFE, for an unobtrusive, repetitive and accurate way to observe and analyse user behavior.

Recording video data both with and without Flowell operating, they were able to take advantage of TrafxSAFE’s comparison feature, measuring and demonstrating the benefits of their active road marking equipment.

Solution – TrafxSAFE for COLAS Flowell

When deploying Flowell , it is essential to collect video evidence, demonstrating the benefits of the technology, however, it is difficult to evaluate the human behavior seen on the videos in an objective way, without human bias or fatigue.

The client found that TrafxSAFE was able to offer an automated and effective solution, capable of recording various road users, measuring their speeds, detecting speed violations, and evaluate the risks associated with conflicts and near-miss interactions.

Examining the calculated parameters, the benefits of Flowell have become apparent and obvious. TrafxSAFE’s comparison function helped COLAS to demonstrate the differences observed in terms of speed, speeding and crash risks.


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