TrafxSAFE Next – Technical Session

 @ 9:00 am PT

TrafxSAFE Next is the next generation of proactive safety analysis, combining the familiarity and power of Safety Performance Functions with an unprecedented level of diagnostic detail and timely safety data from measured human factors. This system is an essential tool in the Safe System Approach to meet Vision Zero goals.

In this webinar, hosts, Dr. Paul St. Aubin, P.Eng., and Alireza Anarkooli, Ph.D., will review, both theoretically and empirically, why and how crash estimation using human factors is critical to the Safe Systems Approach.  They will cover existing crash estimation approaches, and how they are augmented by incorporating measured human factors (such as near-miss data). The presentation will also examine the results of validation studies that demonstrate not only improved crash estimation accuracy but also decreased calibration effort for the user, and new levels of microscopic crash estimation.

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