Product release webinar | AviPLAN 2024

Watch the release webinar and learn about the new and improved features in AviPLAN 2024. These enhancements are designed to benefit all AviPLAN users, making the experience better for everyone.



Transoft Solutions’ Product Manager is presenting a new tool for rapid analysis of lead-in paths, improvements to existing features, user interface (UI) enhancements, and the data exchange capabilities with our new cloud-native platform, AeroCENTRAL.

Webinar highlights include: 

  • The new Group Lead-in Command tool that saves you time by allowing rapid analysis of lead-in paths for all airplanes planned to use a stand in one single action
  • Integration of the Service Editor with the Session Manager for permitting more heads-up planning and time saving
  • The new Pilot Ground Blind Spot element for airplanes which assists in the placement of stand and taxiway markings
  • Improved capabilities for planning helicopter and VTOL parking at airports
  • UI enhancements for faster, more efficient workflows
  • An introduction to our new cloud-native platform AeroCENTRAL, which provides a data sharing connection for AviPLAN data

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