AutoTURN – Funciones Básicas

AutoTURN – Funciones Básicas › Una excelente oportunidad para familiarizarse con las funciones de AutoTURN y aprender más sobre herramientas específicas del programa. La presentación incluirá funciones básicas para nuevos usuarios y funciones mejoradas tales como: simulaciones básicas, opciones de visualización y para generar informes. Durante los 60 minutos del seminario usted aprenderá más acerca de: Detección inteligente […]


Ventajas de una Turbo Glorieta

Ventajas de una Turbo Glorieta – Turbo Glorietas (Turbo Rotundas) vs Glorietas Multicarril Desde el guardia de la circulación, a las intersecciones con semáforos, hasta las glorietas. Nuestras carreteras han experimentado largos cambios durante los últimos 100 años y seguirán evolucionando constantemente. Pero sin duda alguna, uno de los conceptos nuevos más impactantes en la […]


ParkCAD 5.0 Released

The newest version of ParkCAD is here!  Version 5.0 represents a major step forward in parking site designing and visualization. 


Transoft Solutions se traslada a una nueva oficina

Nos complace anunciar que a partir del martes 27 de marzo de 2018, nos mudaremos de nuestra oficina actual en Wijnstraat 96 C, 3011TR, Rotterdam a la siguiente dirección: Wijnhaven 60, 3011TR Rotterdam El resto de nuestra información de contacto permanece igual, incluida la dirección de correo electrónico, números de teléfono y sitio web. En […]


Innovative Scottish roundabout wins two more awards

All motorists hate heavy traffic, but there is one roundabout where all drivers should appreciate the award-winning project that helps avoid congestion. Sheriffhall roundabout is where the A7 and A720 Edinburgh bypass join on the southern outskirts of the scottish capital, and the roundabout is one of the busiest in Britain. With the A6106 also […]


The changing dynamics of traffic: How driverless cars impact traffic planning

The coming years are set to see some of the biggest changes for decades in the automotive world, and this will undoubtedly have a knock-on effect on the traffic patterns that drivers and road planners have to cope with in the future. Countries around the world are trialling a wide range of new technology-driven projects […]


Amazon patent aims to solve reversible lane AV challenges

A new patent granted to Amazon could help drive forward the adoption of autonomous vehicles (AVs) by making it easier for them to understand the challenges posed by reversible lanes. These road features allow traffic to move in either direction at certain times in order to ease traffic flow. However, they may pose particular problems […]


Pollution-linked speed limits under consideration for UK smart motorway

Speed limits that decrease at busy times are under consideration for one of the UK’s newest smart motorways as a means of tackling air pollution caused by vehicle emissions. If approved, it would see the speed limit on the M1 between junctions 32 and 35a around Sheffield reduced from 70mph to 60mph between the hours […]


Autonomous vehicles could increase congestion, report warns

The growth of autonomous cars around the world will lead to increased congestion and aggravate existing problems unless efforts are made to promote shared services and public transport options. This is according to a new report from the International Association of Public Transport (UITP), which warned of the risk of a “dystopian future” for urban […]


TORUS 5.0 Update Available

An update of TORUS Roundabouts 5.0 has just been released. The latest software update includes minor fixes to the software and adds new platform compatibility.

Aircraft Data Viewer New Version Release

Aircraft Data Viewer is a one-stop aircraft specification resource, with detailed technical information for over 550 airplanes and helicopters. Data such as dimensions, steering characteristics, door locations and jet blast impact can be viewed with ease. The latest version has just been released. Check out all new updates.


Cambridge to be home of UK’s first ‘Dutch-style’ roundabout

Cambridge’s Queen Edith’s Way is to become home to the first roundabout in the UK to use innovative designs pioneered by Dutch transport engineers to increase safety for pedestrians and cyclists. The design is expected to cost £450,000 as part of a wider £1.4 million investment in upgrading Queen Edith’s Way, Cambridge News reports, and […]


Smart road infrastructure ‘vital’ to driverless future

Improving road infrastructure by adding smart communications technology will be essential if the driverless car revolution is to take off and play a key role in the future of the transport sector, researchers have stated. While many teams around the world are developing autonomous vehicle technologies, one area where progress will have to be made […]