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Optimize En Route Airspace Structure

AirTOP En Route is geared towards agencies and airports to simulate the complexity and capacity of upper airspace, and model necessary separation procedures. It provides realistic en route simulations and supports all key en route structures and controller tasks, as well as static or dynamic restrictions related to them.

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Assess en route airspace metrics by modeling and evaluating air traffic control procedures in high fidelity.

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Platform Compatibility

Platform Requirements

Java 17 64-bits

System Requirements

Full support for 64-bit operating systems

Windows® 8 or later

MacOS® X 10 or later

Linux kernel 2.6 or later (e.g. Ubuntu, Fedora, RHEL)


What Makes AirTOP En Route Unique

Boost productivity

Model air traffic and control procedures (including conflict detection/resolution, letters of agreement, and tactical re-routing), and assess controller workload.

Collect and manage data easily

Create easy-to-use, high-fidelity airspace and air traffic models for use in capacity studies, re-sectorization projects, reorganization of routes, or implementation of free-route or Reduced Vertical Separation Minima (RVSM) airspaces.

Drive business intelligence

Measure capacity, delays, and economic or environmental performance.

Seamless integration

A model created in En Route can be seamlessly linked to the TMA/TRACON, Flow Management and Airside Aircraft modules.


Scenario Definition and Modeling

With its forward-thinking approach, AirTOP allows scenario editing, simulation execution, debugging, reporting and analysis through one single sophisticated interface which includes highly interactive 2D maps and 3D views.

  • Static data modeling such as waypoints, routes, ATC sectors and airspace
  • Create en route traffic simulation easily
  • Simulate controller workload roles
  • Export data and visualize results

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Static Airspace Data Modeling

AirTOP En Route supports the modeling of static airspace data such as waypoints, ATS routes with altitude and/or speed restriction per segment direction, ATC sectors and airspace. Elementary or collapsed ATC Sectors, optionally with their respective capacities including Area Control Centers (ACC), regional/sub-regional airspaces (FIR, NAS, ECAC), military airspace and FLAS areas, can also be modeled.

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Conflict Detection and Resolution Modeling

Conflict detection and resolution can be modeled in AirTOP’s En Route module using a user-editable conflict resolution rule base. The rule base includes resolution strategies (stop climb/descent, vector parallel/behind, cruise level change, earlier descent, follow at the same speed/descent rate, shortcut, etc.) that can be customized by the user, taking into account the nature of the potential conflicts detected by the simulated radar controllers (conflict type, the relative position of aircraft, the destination of aircraft, routing merging or not, distance to TOD, resolution maneuver feasible in the sector, etc.).

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Efficient Traffic Routing

The routing concept in AirTOP En Route provides an easy way to quickly create en route traffic simulation, avoiding duplication of traffic paths for aircraft flying to or from the same destination. The module supports the creation of flight routes as a combination of waypoints and airways/ATS routes. The ATS routes concept facilitates the creation of bi-directional airways, with opened flight levels specified by segment.

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Data Import

Waypoints, ATS routes with altitude and/or speed restriction per segment direction, ATC sectors and dynamic sectorization, FLAS areas, radar controller tasks and dynamic allocation of a radar controller to a sector, can all be easily defined in AirTOP by simply clicking on the map or via the adjacent information display. They can also be completely or partially imported from external data sources, such as GASEL, AIXM, or using ad-hoc importers.

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Detailed Controller Workload Modeling

AirTOP dynamically simulates controller workload for all controller roles. The workload model can take into account any event and associate a work duration with it. AirTOP also considers flight monitoring activities that can be further specified depending on flight phases (climbing, cruising, in approach, holding, etc.). The work duration associated with event handling (sector entry in climbing, altitude change clearance, etc.) can be split into generic user-defined activities (radio com, monitoring, conflict resolution, etc.). Duration spent per event and per activity can then be logged per rolling hour.

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AirTOP Reporter

The AirTOP Reporter allows users to quickly retrieve, visualize and aggregate simulation results. It generates plots and tables exportable to spreadsheets or images to be used in external analysis and reporting tools.

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Data Export

Built-in statistics per sector, flight, airport, or runway can be easily queried and exported (spreadsheet files, SQL databases) from AirTOP. The result of multiple simulation runs (that may include user-defined random variations) can be aggregated to provide statistically significant results.

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