Checking refuse & emergency vehicle access in AutoTURN

Refuse collection and emergency vehicle access within the UK must adhere to specific guidelines, such as those in Building Regulations, Manual for Streets and relevant local authority waste management strategies. Accuracy of analysis directly impacts the safety, efficiency and design life of the site. This video demonstrates how to analyse designs for access, utilise site geometry for accuracy, go back and edit simulations, incorporate specific local authority requirements such as bin-lifts and present submissions in an easy to understand manner.

If you like to see more detail on the topic, we also have a 45 min on-demand webinar available at:

AutoTURN offers Vehicle swept path analysis checks for planners, architects & highway engineers.

The software includes hundreds of swept path vehicles, including modal refuse collection vehicles, as specified by UK Local Authorities. The huge vehicle library in AutoTURN includes vehicles like: Fire Appliance Scania Emergency One, Recycling Collection Vehicle DAF LF, Refuse Econic, Refuse Olympus, Artic Double Deck, Impact Protection Vehicle DAF LF, Bus Mercedes Citaro and many more.

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