Traffic counting video analytics software


TrafxFLOW supports the growing needs of data that goes beyond traffic counting video analytics software. It is an on-demand video-based solution that provides various multimodal traffic metrics through an online dashboard. Using almost any video source, practitioners can get accurate and diverse data metrics to plan, design and evaluate the performance of road geometry and signalization changes, traffic calming, and curbside projects.

TrafxFLOW is able to automate your traffic counting analytics and its traffic survey video analysis is used to provide insight for road planning and design through metrics such as:

  • Counts classified by mode
  • Counts classified by turning movements and lane occupancy
  • Estimates of average annual daily traffic (AADT) for vehicles
  • Gap acceptance time and traffic density

Besides providing an automated traffic counter for road vehicles, TrafxFLOW’s video analytics does a lot more, like: Speed and Delay Studies, Road User Behavioural Analysis and Curbside Management.

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