Traffic Survey Video Analysis


TrafxFLOW provides traffic survey video analytics for traffic management and traffic flow analysis. It is a quick and easy video analytics tool for speed and traffic studies.

Using almost any video source, practitioners can get accurate and diverse data metrics to plan, design and evaluate the performance of road geometry and signalization changes, traffic calming, and curbside projects.

Watch the video below to learn more about:

* How to use fixed cameras or drones for traffic flow monitoring,
* Automated traffic volume counts for up to 15 different road user types,
* Traffic Survey Video Analysis,
* How to benefit from trajectory information, and
* How the detailed speed data can help you to better understand your site’s traffic

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TrafxFLOW can leverage existing video data, whether from live connected traffic cameras or historical video data, and using video ranging from short term to long term periods. It classifies and tracks over 15 vehicle and vulnerable road user types using a single camera.

TrafxFLOW will also count traffic and vehicles and measure speed accuracy levels that have been validated to be above industry standards. Study road user behavior such as jaywalking, illegal movement analysis, and intersection blocking.

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