UK Common Vehicles Library

Transoft Solutions recently created a free new library that is mainly suitable for our users from the United Kingdom and Ireland, but can also be of some interest to AutoTURN users in other regions. The library is called “UK Common Vehicles Library” and it adds commonly used vehicles in the UK to the extensive vehicle library in AutoTURN 10.2 and AutoTURN Pro 10.2. Downloading this library will let you add the following vehicles to your swept path analysis software:

  • Ultra Global PRT Autonomous Pod
  • Fire Appliance Scania Emergency One
  • Artic Double Deck Eco Delivery
  • Heavy Recovery DAF XF
  • Recycling Collection Vehicle DAF LF
  • Refuse Econic 6×2 MidRS (rear-steered)
  • Refuse Olympus 6×2 Narrow RS (rear-steered)
  • Refuse Olympus 6×2 Mid-Lift Narrow
  • Refuse Olympus 6×2 Wide RS (rear-steered)
  • Refuse Olympus 6×4 Wide
  • Impact Protection Vehicle DAF LF
  • Bus Mercedes Citaro
  • Rigid Tipper Scania 8×4

You can download this vehicle library for free but it will require AutoTURN 10.2 to import them.


instructions on how to add the additional design vehicles to your installation of AutoTURN can be found in the downloaded ZIP file. Once the vehicles have been added you can select them from the library UK Common Vehicles.


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