AutoTURN Training

Online Training  @ 10:00 am GMT


Gain the essential knowledge you need to use the tools in AutoTURN properly and achieve reliable and accurate results.

Learn about the core tools available in AutoTURN beyond the traditional swept path analysis that will expedite your work and help improve the quality of your simulations. Take advantage of the automation tools that will create vehicle turns based on the available space and other constraints. Diagnose your simulation to identify unobvious issues (abrupt turning, incorrect speed inputs, inadequate clearance space, and more) and simulating non-motorised vehicles (different cycle types).

Who is it for:

  • New users of AutoTURN
  • Existing users of AutoTURN who have not received formal training or who need a refresher
  • Designers, Engineer-in-training, and Engineers


Course Information:
Instructor   Alan Mason
Duration     Online Course – 1 day (4 hours in total)
Date              June 13, 2024
Time            10am-12pm GMT | 2pm-4pm GMT

Course outline:

  • Learn how to use IntelliPath to automate vehicle turn simulations
  • Inspect existing simulations to identify commonly overlooked issues
  • Learn how to simulate different non-motorised vehicles
  • Learn how to analyse clearances for different components of non-motorised vehicles
  • Reporting (proximity, steering, speed,)
  • Instructor available to answer your technical questions



  • Computer system running AutoTURN
  • Internet access via recently updated web browser (Edge, Chrome, Firefox)
  • Computer with speakers/headset, microphone, webcam (optional)


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