Transoft Solutions Receives the Mavis Johnson Traffic Safety Award for Best Policy and Practice Stream

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We are thrilled to announce that Transoft Solutions has just been awarded the Mavis Johnson Traffic Safety Award for Best Policy and Practice Stream at the CARSP/PRI 2021 Joint Virtual Conference.

The Mavis Johnson Traffic Safety Award is the award for best paper in the Policy and Practice Stream at the CARSP (Canadian Association of Road Safety Professionals) Annual Conference.  The award was named after the Founder and President of the Canadian Traffic Safety Institute, Mavis Johnson, a road safety specialist who has been involved with road safety in the UK and Canada for nearly 45 years. Both the Policy and Practice Stream and the Mavis Johnson Traffic Safety Award were launched at the 2014 CARSP Conference. This year’s virtual conference showcases the need for road safety for all road users, between countries, and between the rich and poor and includes Vision Zero and Sustainable Safety means to achieve this objective.


Category: Vulnerable Road User Safety

2021 Winner: Transoft Solutions, Inc. / City of Toronto

SUBMISSION: Toronto Vision Zero Before-After Evaluation of Left Turn Calming Pilot

OBJECTIVE: To evaluate the effectiveness of a pilot project intended to slow down left-turning vehicles and reduce conflicts with pedestrians at 10 intersections using video-based surrogate safety methods.

OVERVIEW: The City of Toronto wanted to focus on left-turning vehicle safety, under their Vision Zero program. The City of Toronto identified a selected number of countermeasures to implement and evaluate their efficacy. The first countermeasure was to install “bumps” to slow down left-turning vehicles. The City of Toronto also decided to try another countermeasure where they repainted the lane markings. The first countermeasure was implemented on ten intersections. The second countermeasure was applied on four locations (within the first ten intersections). The City of Toronto used Transoft Solutions’ traffic video analytics technology, TrafxSAFE,  to assess the effectiveness of the treatment and were extremely satisfied with the amount of data (i.e. volumes, speeds, safety-related events, severity, probability, etc.) collected for use in the project.

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