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Vancouver, BC, Canada

Transoft Solutions opens new office in Shanghai with focus on Asia Pacific aviation market

Transoft Solutions, Inc., developers of world-leading software solutions for transportation and traffic engineering professionals, today announced the opening of its new subsidiary office in Shanghai, China.  The new office will serve as a key development centre for Transoft’s expanding Aviation portfolio together with Sales, Marketing and customer support.

This includes the acquisition in 2016 of ArcPORT from U.S.-based Aviation Research Corporation. ArcPORT software provides users with a platform to analyze and visualize flows of passengers, aircraft, vehicles, baggage and cargo within the airport infrastructure. ArcPORT is a market leader in its field and is used by airport operators, airlines, traffic controllers, consultants and civil aviation authorities around the world.

“The opening of the China office is another milestone in our mission to be the world’s leader in transportation engineering software,” said Mr. Milton Carrasco, Transoft Solutions’ President and CEO. “The Shanghai subsidiary will provide both sales and marketing within China, as well as providing development and other support services to the global operation. We are excited to be building on our successes and look forward to continuing strong growth in Asia Pacific.”

The Shanghai office demonstrates Transoft’s strategy of locating offices to support growing customer needs. For Asia Pacific, this includes the ability of staff to communicate in Mandarin, along with the convenience of being in the same time zone as its customers.

Peter McIntyre, Senior VP Asia Pacific, said the office will be well placed to support Transoft’s existing user base of aviation products, including ArcPORT and AviPLAN, as well as to help grow new opportunities.

“There is quite good potential in what we could term the exploding airport and aviation investments in the ASEAN countries and China,” said McIntyre, pointing to new airport terminals being built in Shanghai and Singapore as examples. “There’s also a need to make the airports more efficient, in terms of passenger flows and baggage handling.”

He added: “Transoft’s new office reflects the phenomenal growth of our customer base in Asia Pacific. The growing sophistication of both our customer and product portfolio will be well serviced by the China operations.

“Headed up by Miguel Bono Tur, the Shanghai team will support local customers and partners and be a key development centre for our expanding suite of products for global markets.”


About Transoft Solutions
Transoft Solutions, Inc. develops innovative and easy to use software for transportation professionals. Since 1991, civil engineers and technologists, architects, and city planners across federal agencies, State DOTs, airport authorities, cities, ports, and infrastructure consultants have come to rely on Transoft’s field-researched design solutions. Transoft’s engineers work closely with the world’s leading agencies including AASHTO, ITE, TRB, TAC, Austroads, and CROW to develop highly specialized applications serving over 30,000 users across 120 countries. Transoft Solutions is committed to providing best-in-class customer support through its offices in Canada, Sweden, The Netherlands, Australia, Germany, India and China, enabling professionals to design with confidence.



Transoft Solutions在上海开设新办事处,专注于亚太航空市场




Transoft Solutions,Inc.,运输和交通工程领域专业人士所用的世界领先软件解决方案开发商,今天宣布在中国上海开设新的子公司办事处。新办事处将作为Transoft扩展航空产品组合的关键开发中心,同时用于提供销售、营销和客户支持服务。

公司产品包括2016年收购来自美国Aviation Research Corporation的ArcPORT。ArcPORT软件为用户提供一个平台,用于分析和可视化机场基础设施内的乘客、飞机、车辆、行李和货物的流动情况。ArcPORT是其领域的市场领导者,并被世界各地的机场运营商、航空公司、交通管制员、顾问和民航部门所使用。

Transoft Solutions总裁兼首席执行官Milton Carrasco先生表示:“中国办事处的开设是我们成为世界运输工程软件领导者使命中的另一个里程碑。上海子公司将在中国内地提供销售和营销服务,并为全球业务提供开发和其他支持服务。我们很高兴能够在成功的基础上,在亚太地区开展业务,并期待未来能够实现持续的强劲增长。”


亚太区高级副总裁Peter McIntyre表示,该办事处将能够很好地支持Transoft现有的航空产品用户群,包括ArcPORT和AviPLAN,并帮助发掘新的机会。



“上海团队将在Miguel Bono Tur的领导下,为本地客户和合作伙伴提供支持,并成为我们不断扩大的全球市场产品套件的关键开发中心。”


关于Transoft Solutions

Transoft Solutions,Inc.致力于为运输领域的专业人士开发出创新且易于使用的软件。自1991年以来,联邦机构、州交通部、机场当局、城市,港口和基础设施咨询机构的土木工程师和技术专家、建筑师和城市规划师都依赖于Transoft的现场研究设计解决方案。Transoft的工程师与世界领先机构(包括AASHTO、ITE、TRB、TAC、Austroads和CROW)紧密合作,开发出高度专业化的应用程序,为120多个国家的30,000多名用户提供服务。Transoft Solutions通过其在加拿大、瑞典、荷兰、澳大利亚、德国、印度和中国的办事处,致力于提供一流的客户支持,让专业人士能够满怀信心地开展设计工作。

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