Product release webinar | AirTOP 2024

Watch the release webinar and learn about the new and improved features in AirTOP 2024.



Highlights in this release include: 

New features

  • Terminal | A new wizard makes it quicker and easier to set up terminal models. 
  • Terminal | ICAO size codes conditions and IATA Level of Service (LoS) definitions are now available by default on each project, saving user’s modeling time.
  • Airside Aircraft | The new Decision Reporter adapter shows which rules were applied to any given aircraft, making it easier to understand the impact of an operational rule. It also shows which rules were not applied, allowing users to identify possible mistakes in the rule conditions. 
  • Runway Capacity Analyzer | It’s now possible to generate default Aircraft Type Approach Profiles without having predefined traffic in the project, benefiting analyses that use generated traffic mixes. 
  • TMA/TRACON | A new feature provides more flexibility to pause a simulation based on Runway Arrival Sequence events, and debug your model. 

Improved features

  • TMA/TRACON | You can now use vectoring areas to adjust the descent profile for a steep approach, preventing aircraft from descending faster than the Aircraft Type performance limitations.
  • All Modules | It’s no longer necessary to apply randomization manually as it will be automatically assigned when running multiple simulations in sequence. 

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