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ParkCAD™ is the industry-leading CAD software for designing and editing many types of parking layouts in minutes, not hours.

Create a maximum number of parking stalls within a boundary or generate rows and aisles from CAD lines. Aisles and stalls are placed efficiently, resulting in a decrease of underused areas. Paint aisles, curbs and islands are shown realistically. Experiment with different stall sizes and angles. Make edits to your design and get instant feedback during the process.

ParkCAD’s powerful layout and editing tools allow users to increase productivity, save time, and money. Optimization tools, real-time parking stall counts, customization and versatility are what takes the parking lot design process to the next level.

What’s new in ParkCAD 5.0:

  • You can now add in traffic flow arrows with ParkCAD 5.0 to determine the direction of vehicle movement in one-way or two-way traffic.
  • Designers can now visualize vehicle movement and see vehicles entering, circulating around aisles, accessing stalls, and exiting the parking lot.
  • New regional standards have been added to accommodate more global designs.
  • A library of blocks and hatches adds more color and creates attractive looking drawings to help visualize how a parking lot will fit into the larger site plan
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