Rotterdam Office closed on 18 + 19 May

Please know that the Rotterdam, Germany, Belgium and Spain offices will be closed on 18 and 19 May. For technical support issues during those days, we advise you to send an email to [email protected]


Earth Month at Transoft

For Earth Month this April, Transoft launched ‘The Earth Challenge’ to encourage staff members to try out environmentally-friendly activities to spark reflection on habits, consumption, and environmental impact. For every activity completed by staff members, Transoft committed to purchasing a tree from Evertreen, whom we’ve been supporting since 2022 in our carbon offset initiatives. Transoft […]


How Vias institute used TrafxSAFE to evaluate road safety risks of e-scooters

Get to know our Customers Transoft believes in meaningful relationships and we have always thrived to become and remain long-term collaboration partners for our users. Our philosophy and business model sets the Customer to be just as important as our People and our Products. To emphasize this, we aim to bring the spotlight to our […]


Transoft solutions announces new leadership in aviation business unit

Transoft Solutions is pleased to announce leadership changes within its Aviation business unit. Following the recent promotion of Ben van Leest to Executive Vice President, Business Units, Mark A. Rodrigues and James Renner have both been promoted to helm Transoft’s Aviation business unit offering innovative, state-of-the-art software and services for airport and airspace industries. Mark […]


Transoft Solutions Acquires Anexea to Strengthen Spain and Latin America Aviation Operations

Transoft Solutions, developers of productivity-enhancing software and services for aviation, civil transportation, and traffic safety industries, announced the acquisition of Anexea, a privately-owned company located in Madrid, Spain. Anexea has been one of Transoft’s valued reseller partners since 2020, focusing on the Spanish-speaking European and Latin American aviation markets. Anexea CEO, Javier Navacerrada Moreno, and […]


Transoft co-author Lana Samara wins TRB best young researcher award

Transoft Solutions’ Lana Samara was presented the 2023 Best Young Researcher Award at the 102nd Transportation Research Board Annual Meeting, for the Transportation Safety Management Systems award category. Ms. Samara, a Project Specialist on Transoft Solutions’ Traffic Safety team, co-authored a paper titled ‘Do Traffic Countermeasures Improve the Safety of Vulnerable Road Users at Signalized Intersections? A […]


Transoft Solutions Announces Leadership Changes

Transoft Solutions, developers of productivity-enhancing software and services for aviation, civil infrastructure, transportation and traffic safety industries, announced key organizational changes within their leadership team. Ben van Leest has been promoted from Senior Vice President, Aviation to Executive Vice President, Business Units. He will oversee all three business units, including Aviation, Civil & Transportation, and […]


Transoft Solutions releases latest version of AirTOP airport and airspace fast-time simulation software

Transoft Solutions, developers of productivity-enhancing software and services for aviation, civil transportation, and traffic safety industries, earlier this year released version 4.0 of AirTOP, the airport and airspace modeling, simulation and assessment tool. AirTOP is used to assess and improve airport and airspace complexity and capacity, as well as measure air traffic controller workload. The […]


Transoft Solutions Announces Daniel Shihundu as CEO

Transoft Solutions, developers of productivity-enhancing software and services for the civil, transportation, and aviation industry, announced the promotion of Daniel Shihundu to Chief Executive Officer effective January 1st, 2023. In his new role as CEO, Mr. Shihundu will be responsible for providing leadership, guidance and mentorship throughout the organization, developing company strategies and goals, overseeing […]


Transoft Solutions Announces Latest Release of AviPLAN

Transoft Solutions released AviPLAN 4.0, the leading software solution for airside planning, design, and operations professionals. AviPLAN offers a comprehensive suite of tools that allows users to plan with confidence, whether considering near-term scenarios or master planning. The latest version of AviPLAN offers several new and improved functions, including the addition of VTOL (vertical take-off and landing) aircraft […]



With the start of school in Autumn, safety studies and observations of the behavior of road users around school environments are increasingly in the spotlight. A recently completed ÖAMTC project once again showed that many conflict situations could be avoided if road users were more attentive and adhered more closely to traffic rules.   Conducted […]


European Offices closed on 13 October 2022

Due to a company event our offices will be closed on Thursday 13th October. For this reason, we won’t be available that day to respond to any messages. Thanks for your understanding. Your Transoft Solutions Team


Automatic camera movement detection and why it’s important for your traffic analysis projects

Permanent PTZ (Pan-Tilt-Zoom) traffic cameras (i.e., controllable cameras whose feed streams back to a traffic control center) are often panned, tilted, and zoomed throughout the day as operators respond to congestion, an incident or a collision. And even if operators do not move the camera, cameras can still move if the support medium they are […]


What is Swept Path Analysis

What is Swept Path Analysis? Swept Path Analysis is the evaluation and calculation of the space required when a vehicle makes turning manoeuvers. Its purpose is to help ensure designs (such as roads, driveways, site developments or parking facilities) can accommodate vehicle needs during operation, or to ensure that specific design vehicles can manoeuvre through […]


Transoft UK User Groups 2021

Join us in November for the annual Transoft UK product User Groups. This year we will be hosting an all-virtual event, please see below for dates and registration links: Tuesday 9th November – Traffic UK 09:30 – Welcome 09:35 to 10:45 – KeySIGN 11:00 to 11:45 – KeyPOST 12:00 to 12:30 – AutoTURN 14:00 to […]


Why Conflicts with Small Crash Likelihoods are Still Meaningful to Analyze

Introduction to Surrogate Road Safety In every interaction between two road users, factors such as drivers’ inattention, road surface, vehicle conditions, traffic situation, etc. have the potential to lead to a crash (Reason et al., 2006). This means that in the case of a collision, the crash might not have taken place if all crash-potential factors were not present at the same time. The same logic can be applied to […]


Ground Modelling Software

KeySCAPE allows you to create and edit your designs in one place, which not only improves accuracy but also helps reduce errors compared to managing duplicate designs in different applications. KeySCAPE includes its own ground modeller, allowing you to generate 3D representations of the existing or proposed landform. It allows you to work closely with […]


Traffic Video Analytics for Road Safety

On June 28th, 2021, a Dutch Magazine called Mobiliteits Platform (in English, Mobility Platform) interviewed David Homola, Transoft Solutions’ Europe, Middle East, and Africa Product Manager about the TrafxSAFE product – Transoft Solutions’ automated road safety analysis tool. This interview has been edited for length and clarity. Marcel Slofstra: What prompted the development of the TrafxSAFE system? David Homola: […]


Keysoft Solutions Ltd. Changes its Company Name to Transoft Solutions (UK) Ltd.

UNITED KINGDOM, Alcester, June 8, 2021 – Keysoft Solutions transitions to become officially known as Transoft Solutions (UK) Ltd. In 2019, Keysoft Solutions was acquired by Transoft Solutions, Inc., global leaders in developing highly specialized software solutions for aviation, civil infrastructure, transportation and operational professionals, headquartered in British Columbia, Canada. Keysoft Solutions, which started as […]


Traffic Survey Video Analysis

TrafxFLOW provides traffic survey video analytics for traffic management and traffic flow analysis. It is a quick and easy video analytics tool for speed and traffic studies. Using almost any video source, practitioners can get accurate and diverse data metrics to plan, design and evaluate the performance of road geometry and signalization changes, traffic calming, […]


Cut and Fill tools – KeySCAPE

KeySCAPE surface modelling functionality helps you understand your design in 3D. The powerful cut and fill tools allow you to assess how much land needs to be cut (removed) and filled (made up) and suggest level changes to balance this, minimising earthworks on site and avoiding the expense of removing excess material from sit KeySCAPE […]


Drone Video vs. Fixed Cameras – Which is Best for Traffic Safety Studies

Lately, Transoft Solutions has been receiving more and more requests for traffic analysis from video collected using drone cameras. While the usage of drone video for traffic monitoring is still relatively new, it is even more novel for video-based analytics purposes. Hence, it comes with its own set of advantages, limitations, and considerations. The purpose […]


Traffic counting video analytics software

TrafxFLOW supports the growing needs of data that goes beyond traffic counting video analytics software. It is an on-demand video-based solution that provides various multimodal traffic metrics through an online dashboard. Using almost any video source, practitioners can get accurate and diverse data metrics to plan, design and evaluate the performance of road geometry and […]


Landscape Design Software for Autodesk® Revit®

Planting design application KeySCAPE RT sits inside Autodesk® Revit® and allows you to quickly create, modify and schedule your planting design proposals. Using a dedicated Revit landscape design software can help you improve your design process and reduce errors, allowing you to respond quickly to project changes, build credibility and win more business. KeySCAPE RT […]


Thinking about using video analytics on your next road safety assessment?

Learn more about the solutions to use video analytics to improve road traffic safety at: Making the decision to use traffic video analytics to diagnose safety issues and deciding who to partner up with are both big decisions. There are many factors to consider: Why is this safety study required? What specific features and […]


Analyze the swept paths of a variety of bicycles for safe planning and design of bicycle lanes

AutoTURN Pro 11 includes the ability to analyze the swept paths of a variety of bicycles for safe planning and design of bicycle lanes. Ensure your on-street and off-street design projects provide enough space to safely and comfortably accommodate different cycle types, including standard bicycles, tricycles, as well as bicycles with front cargo or back trailers, […]


Design safe cycle paths with the latest version of Transoft Solutions’ AutoTURN PRO

Soon, urban and transportation planners will be able to review whether their plans meet the rapidly growing demands that cyclists are placing on infrastructure for bikes – including e-bikes, cargo bikes and bikes used in sharing schemes. That’s all thanks to the latest version of AutoTURN™ Pro 11, which will make it possible to simulate […]


Transoft Solutions’ Response to COVID-19

Transoft Solutions is closely monitoring the evolving global impact of the novel coronavirus (COVID‑19) and we are following recommendations and guidelines from the local public health authorities and the Center for Disease Control (CDC) for updates and directives regarding the coronavirus.


Sign post and foundation design software

KeyPOST is dynamic software for road sign post and foundation design, for traffic management and road safety engineers and sign manufacturers. KeyPOST offers you a range of graphic design tools for creating sign installations. Simply select your desired signs, posts or foundations from the template library and arrange them as required. Alternatively you can import […]



We are excited to welcome Brisk Synergies to the Transoft family! Headquartered in Waterloo, Ontario, Brisk Synergies is the leader in automated road safety analysis. Brisk Synergies’ BriskVANTAGE and BriskLUMINA software platforms apply continuous deep learning analytics on traffic video to help assist transportation professionals reach their Vision Zero goals.

Transoft Solutions Acquires Canadian-based Brisk Synergies

Transoft Solutions Inc., (“Transoft”) a global leader in transportation engineering design and analysis software, today announced its acquisition of Brisk Synergies (“Brisk”) the leader in automated road safety analysis headquartered in Waterloo, Ontario.


Ordnance Survey Mapping in AutoCAD

KeyOSC provides highways professionals seamless access to Ordnance Survey MasterMap data for Highway Design and Management. KeyOSC (Ordnance Survey Companion) is an AutoCAD application enabling you to access MasterMap data with ease for viewing or to use for design. Whether you use maps to provide context for analysis, such as when looking for road traffic […]



Transoft Solutions Inc., a global leader in transportation engineering design and analysis software, has just announced the completion of its acquisition of Keysoft Solutions Ltd.

Transoft Solutions Completes Acquisition of Uk-based Keysoft Solutions

Transoft Solutions Inc., a global leader in transportation engineering design and analysis software, has just announced the completion of its acquisition of Keysoft Solutions Ltd.
Keysoft Solutions, developers of Building Information Modeling (BIM) software for traffic management and landscape planning and design, has been a close partner and reseller of Transoft Solutions products in the UK since 2005.


A purpose-built tool for airport airside planners and operators

by: Bernard Goodworth Twenty-five years ago, when I began with the planning of aircraft ground-movement areas, CAD was still in its infancy, there weren’t any “tools” available for this specific task. Swept paths still needed to be created by hand, on paper (so you mostly didn’t bother). In the CAD environment we created our own aircraft […]


Benefits of using Sign & Line Design Pro UK Software

If you are unaware of the commercial advantages using Transoft Solutions products such as; Automation, checking and analysis, one button press (OBP) technology, 2D to 3D output, full level 2 BIM, 2 Way BIM data transfer and Temporary and permanent features then this article will detail what our existing customers already know about Sign Design Pro UK & […]


Importing an AutoTURN or AutoTURN Pro generated swept path into SketchUp

This procedure requires an AutoTURN & SketchUp Pro license. Given is a scenario that you wish to create a 3D visualization for in SketchUp using a swept path generated in AutoCAD using AutoTURN Pro.   Create a 3D swept path for the scenario in AutoCAD. Keep in mind the units that the drawing is created […]


New Promotions at Transoft Solutions

We are very pleased to announce the promotion of Ben van Leest to Senior Vice President of our Aviation business unit and Daniel Shihundu to Senior Vice President of our Civil & Transportation business unit.


20 Free downloadable dwg signs created with Sign Design Pro UK

Transoft Solutions UK has released a set of 20 3D signs created with Sign Design Pro UK Version 9, for free. The sign faces are .dwg format therefore compatible with any .dwg cad platform.  The signs are solid blocks scaled to meters and can be used for; Public consultation drawings, clash checks or Infraworks to […]


Transoft Solutions Awards Students at University of Florida Transportation Institute

The Transoft Foundation is a charitable arm of Transoft Solutions Inc. The Transoft Foundation’s mission includes the support of women’s educational pursuits. What better way to accomplish this mission than to provide financial backing to selected female students pursuing careers in civil engineering – a profession that aligns with Transoft’s business? For the past two […]


UK Common Vehicles Library

Transoft Solutions recently created a free new library that is mainly suitable for our users from the United Kingdom and Ireland, but can also be of some interest to AutoTURN users in other regions. The library is called “UK Common Vehicles Library” and it adds commonly used vehicles in the UK to the extensive vehicle […]


AutoTURN 10.2.2. Software Update

Our latest AutoTURN and AutoTURN Pro updates (10.2.2) shows that Transoft Solutions keeps developing AutoTURN and is making sure that our customers can keep working with an up-to-date vehicle library. The latest update also includes compatibility for BricsCAD V19 and ZWCAD 2019. Besides releasing this free update to our AutoTURN 10.2 customers, we are also […]


Vehicle sight line and headlight analysis for residential projects

For new, brown or green field residential real estate development projects multiple stakeholders have to work together for a successful, high-quality final design. One of the details which is often forgotten is analysing what effect will the local vehicular traffic have on the future residents’ everyday life. Not only the volume of the traffic can […]


How to publish your AutoTURN Pro simulations to Google Earth

AutoTURN Pro is the only vehicle swept path software available for the civil and transportation design community which allows you to create a true, 3D vehicle swept path simulation, with 3D envelopes, illustrating the space taken up by the turning vehicle and using 3D realistic vehicle rendering of Manufacturer-based Vehicles. It can be used effectively […]


Traffic Management Software

You can find more Traffic Management Software for the UK at the Keysoft Solutions website. Traffic management (T.M.) allows pedestrians and vehicles to move around a live carriageway safely according to certain conditions such as; Roadworks, Heavy Transport or Large events.  The speed of road and density of pedestrian usage all pay a part in […]


3d Traffic Sign Design

With Sign Design Pro UK software, your 2D traffic sign designs can be turned into Full 3D models using a simple one button press technology.  Your  3D traffic sign designs can then be used in Drive through visualisations, 3D Studio Max, Infraworks and are exportable for clash checking in Navisworks, and because no object enablers are […]


Traffic Management Studs, Cones or Cylinders

For temporary traffic management, different options can be considered or combined when using Line Design Pro UK Traffic Cylinders Chapter 8 section D3.9.7 Traffic cylinders used to separate opposing flows can be added to a drawing for use in Traffic Management. The Cylinders can be edited during design while dragging or double clicking the marking […]


Transoft Champion Program Launched

Transoft Solutions has just launched an influencer program called Transoft Champions. We are looking for outstanding people to help us continue to develop world class transportation engineering software. If you have the passion and skillset, we are searching for people to work on an as needed basis in the following areas:


Wind Loading on Traffic Signs

When planning for highway or traffic signs, it is essential to take a look at wind loading. Several factors have to be taken into account regarding wind loading, to ensure mounted signs will not create safety issues due to weather and wind conditions. Sign Design Pro UK has a build in “Wind Loading” feature to […]


Pedestrian Crossing Layout Design and Guidelines

Designing a pedestrian crossing layout according to UK guidelines is easy with Line Design Pro UK. Creating markings can be carried out in several ways. Creating a bespoke pedestrian crossing layout is easy using the individual pedestrian crossing toolset to add items like tactiles, zigzags, vertical bollards or the crossing itself. Alternatively, a full intelligent […]


BIM Traffic Sign Design

As BIM has been taking a more important role in infrastructure design, there is also a growing need of Traffic Sign Design software that is capable of exporting to BIM formats (BIM is the process of adding data to assets for use when handed over to maintenance). With Sign Design Pro UK, Transoft has an […]


BIM Road Markings

Over the last years we have seen a growing need for Road Marking software that can deliver in a BIM format (BIM is the process of adding data to assets for use when handed over to maintenance). Line Design Pro UK road marking software is up for that task. Transoft’s traffic management software delivers intelligent […]


A Culture of Care and Compassion

On September 20, 2017, Hurricane Maria touched down on the small island of Puerto Rico and carved a deadly swathe of destruction. The category 5 hurricane caused massive flooding, food shortages, telecommunications challenges and left millions without electricity. Infrastructure and property damages were estimated at $90 billion which, at the time, was still reeling from […]


Swept path analysis: Presenting submissions to clients

This UK video demonstrates how you can apply specific styles to swept path submissions to make findings clearer, increase aesthetic value or simply match your company branding and CAD standards. You will also learn how to include additional analysis within submissions such as sight-lines, grade capabilities and conflict clearance. This video features UK drawings and […]


Swept path analysis: Modelling large vehicles

This video explains how to use the swept paths of large vehicles to aid in the design of junctions and to analyse suitability of routes. Specific features covered include editing swept paths and targeting of geometry using the various SmartPath tools. The video was created with AutoTURN.


Hatched Road Markings

Line Design Pro UK is our highly efficient Road Surface Marking Software, optimized for the United Kingdom. Intelligent road markings and traffic calming measures are easily designed using grip editable road markings. Hatched road markings can be designed quickly by simply drawing the outer boundaries by hand or they can be attached to existing polylines […]


Checking basic vehicle access

This video explains the basics of the AutoTURN interface and how you can perform basic swept path analysis; including analysing for emergency fire vehicle access and refuse vehicle access to buildings.


Convert a 2D road sign into 3d and import it as a civil 3d surface with Sign Design Pro

This video shows how to turn 2D Traffic Management signs into 3D using Sign Design Pro Uk and how it will automatically be imported as a Civil 3d surface.  We have developed One button press technology for conversion to 3D:  After inserting the desired sign face in 2D, and tagging it as an assembly, the user […]


Basic UK Traffic Sign Design

Sign Design Pro UK is Traffic Sign Design Software, optimized for the United Kingdom. With a massive standard 2D and 3D sign library, Sign Design Pro enhances AutoCAD’s ease of use to design custom traffic signs that are industry compliant to Traffic Signs Manual Chapter 7 and T.S.R.G.D. To ensure destination blocks have the correct stroke […]

Checking refuse & emergency vehicle access in AutoTURN

Refuse collection and emergency vehicle access within the UK must adhere to specific guidelines, such as those in Building Regulations, Manual for Streets and relevant local authority waste management strategies. Accuracy of analysis directly impacts the safety, efficiency and design life of the site. This video demonstrates how to analyse designs for access, utilise site […]


Share swept path analysis results via Microsoft PowerPoint

Being competitive with modern day project requirements requires technology that enables, not stifles, sharing of information. So the simulation objects created by AutoTURN do not need object enablers and can easily be shared through multiple 3rd party document management systems, such as ProjectWise, Newforma, Procore, Aconex, Revizto, Microsoft and others. In fact, you don’t even need […]


Custom Vehicle Creation for Swept Path Analysis

This video gives you a clear explanation on what details you need to design or create a Custom Vehicle for Swept Path calculation. In the second part we will show you how to create your own custom vehicles in our vehicle swept path analysis and turning simulation software, AutoTURN. Besides showing you how to build a […]


Transoft Solutions Completes Acquisition of Airtopsoft

Transoft Solutions Inc., a global leader in transportation engineering design and analysis software, announced today that its Belgian affiliate company has acquired Airtopsoft SA, a leading developer of airspace and airport modeling solutions.


How AutoTURN Online helps Appel Architecten improve its retail projects

How does Appel Architecten use Transoft’s AutoTURN Online (cloud based vehicle swept path solution) to help it improve the design of its retail developments? Appel Architecten is an architectural firm based in Leiden in the Netherlands. Founded by Tijmen Versluis and Mark Verdoold and with the help of a team of independent architects, each with […]


ParkCAD 5.0 Released

The newest version of ParkCAD is here!  Version 5.0 represents a major step forward in parking site designing and visualization. 


Transoft Solutions invests in new office, staff, and technology to strengthen support for UK customers

To meet Transoft’s growing UK business needs, Transoft has made strategic investments to better support its customers and their projects.


Top 5 Questions for Sign and Line Design

While demoing our Sign Design and Road Marking solutions, Sign Design Pro and Line Design Pro…. our customer base tend to ask the same type of questions, here are the top 5 questions and answers about our line and sign software:   “What happens when your software upgrades, will all of the old objects still […]


A56 Bus corridor improvement – Pass-Through Bus Lane

Challenge: The A56 bus corridor (North of England – Trafford) is a key commuter route between the heavily populated town of Altrincham and the City of Manchester. Along the A56 0.5km North of the M60 the Stretford Gyratory system splits an existing bus corridor which ends 200m before the gyratory and re-starts around it’s north […]



AviPLAN 2.0 adds more functionality to the existing bundle of industry-leading aviation software, thereby enhancing productivity for airport planners and safety at the airside. The newest version of AviPLAN features 3D terrain capability, user-defined tracking points, new docking rules and more. Learn more about the newest AviPLAN release here.



The newest version of TORUS 5.1 Roundabout software has been released! TORUS 5.1 features new design guidelines, mini-roundabouts, and new features for roundabout grading. Learn more about the newest TORUS Roundabouts release here.


Transoft Solutions Acquires UK based Design Pro Software

Transoft Solutions, Inc., developers of world-leading software solutions for transportation and traffic engineering professionals, today announced the acquisition of Design Pro Software based in the UK.


Innovative Scottish roundabout wins two more awards

All motorists hate heavy traffic, but there is one roundabout where all drivers should appreciate the award-winning project that helps avoid congestion. Sheriffhall roundabout is where the A7 and A720 Edinburgh bypass join on the southern outskirts of the scottish capital, and the roundabout is one of the busiest in Britain. With the A6106 also […]


The changing dynamics of traffic: How driverless cars impact traffic planning

The coming years are set to see some of the biggest changes for decades in the automotive world, and this will undoubtedly have a knock-on effect on the traffic patterns that drivers and road planners have to cope with in the future. Countries around the world are trialling a wide range of new technology-driven projects […]


How AutoTURN Online brings swept path analysis to all designers

Vehicle swept path analysis is an essential evaluation known in the architectural, civil engineering, and construction industry. It allows designers to simulate and visualise any scenarios involving vehicle access and circulation; thus, minimizing operational inefficiencies or costly reconstruction of the geometric or infrastructure design. Yet finding a tool for this analysis can be challenging for […]


AutoTURN MAP subscribers get full access to AutoTURN Online

We are excited to announce that as an AutoTURN MAP subscriber, we are giving you the opportunity to try AutoTURN Online, the newest member of the AutoTURN family, at no cost. This is the premier online software for performing vehicle swept path analysis quickly and confidently without needing CAD. Nothing to install. Just the vehicles […]


Turbo Roundabout vs Standard Multi Lane Roundabout

Turbo-roundabouts are a recent enhanced roundabout design promising both traffic capacities and increased safety. First developed in the Netherlands, they are now one of the most exciting trends in civil engineering and traffic planning springing up all across Europe. You can read more about Turboroundabouts at, if you want to know more about Turbo-roundabout […]


Cambridge to be home of UK’s first ‘Dutch-style’ roundabout

Cambridge’s Queen Edith’s Way is to become home to the first roundabout in the UK to use innovative designs pioneered by Dutch transport engineers to increase safety for pedestrians and cyclists. The design is expected to cost £450,000 as part of a wider £1.4 million investment in upgrading Queen Edith’s Way, Cambridge News reports, and […]


Smart highways ‘the future of road safety’

Smart highway technology that can feed crucial traffic data to cars will be the future of automotive safety, and even be able to foresee accidents before they occur, it has been claimed. Lisa Tobin, head of technology at Australian toll road operator Transurban, told a business lunch in Melbourne that a pilot programme run by […]


AutoTURN in large-scale use for Niederberg mine redevelopment

The “Niederberg development” is one of the most ambitious construction projects that North-Rhine Westphalia has seen in recent years. The former coal mine near Neukirchen-Vluyn, which closed in 2001 after 90 years’ operation, covers an area of more than 85 hectares. As with so many other mines, after the last load has been brought to […]


AutoTURN helps to build Bern’s new low level station

The Emch+Berger Group is one of Switzerland’s leading engineering practices. The long-established company was founded in 1953 and over the intervening decades has greatly diversified its range of business activities. Today Emch+Berger offers practically everything to meet the building industry’s needs, such as planning, implementation and consultancy services. With more than 500 employees at more than […]


Will the 36-foot stretch limo fit?

Every architect knows that no two construction projects are exactly the same. Regardless of how similar many buildings may be, especially in the commercial building sector, each has quite individual requirements. It may be due to specific environmental conditions, to different budgets, or even varying uses. The architectual practice of Axel Bauer from Mannheim has recently […]