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AutoTURN Pro is the most comprehensive swept path analysis and turning simulation software to help you automate processes,
saving you time and increasing productivity.

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AutoTURN Pro Features

  • Vehicle Turn Simulations (2D/3D)
  • Bicycle Turn Simulations (12+ cycle types)
  • Regional Guideline Vehicles
  • Manufacturer-Based Vehicles (1,300+)
  • Customizable Vehicles
  • Rear Steered Vehicles
  • Special Transport (OSOW) Turn Simulations
  • IntelliPath®
  • Inspect Simulation Tool for Quality Checks
  • Speed Profile Report
  • Vehicle Loads, Clearances, and Sightlines (2D/3D)

AutoTURN Pro User Subscription License (USL) is a single one-year license meant for use by one user. This is not an auto-renewing license. For additional licenses and options please contact sales.


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Transoft offers a range of licensing options to help small, sole proprietorships right on up to the largest multinational organisations meet their transportation design and analysis needs. See our Licensing Options.

For information on terms and conditions detailing the usage of our software, please refer to Transoft’s Software License Agreement (SLA).

How is my order communicated?
You will receive an email confirming your purchase and details on how to access your subscription.

May I share my license with others?
Each Subscribed User represents one individual and their login and password, which cannot be shared with other users. If you purchase a team subscription license, you may share assets with the members of your team.

Does my user subscription license  automatically renew?
This is not an auto-renewing license. You will be required to re-purchase the license after your subscription has expired.

If we are tax exempt, how is the order processed?
We cannot process tax exempt orders online, please contact sales for assistance.  

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